Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting closer to getting the Tiger Cub badge.

The boys have made some real progress with all their achievements to receive their Tiger Cub badge. They have completed Making My family Special, Where I Live and Keeping Myself Healthy and safe Achievement requirements.
Right before the holidays we completed, Keeping Myself Healthy and safe. For the safety category I had them plain a fire drill and practice it at home. For the healthy category I made a gigantic nutrition pyramid so the boys would get a real sense of the nutritional value of each category. I brought in a bag of plastic fruits, vegetables, breads and plastic Mc Donald’s food. They picked something out of the bag and placed it in the category they thought it belonged. Oddly enough they all picked the junk food and they really knew that it went right on top with the oils. We discussed how those things were not healthy and we started throwing them off the pyramid and vowed to eat less of the junk foods and more healthy foods.

Last evening we played bingo and I thought it would be a great confidence builder to let the boys conduct the game. They did such a great job taking charge and taking turns at the wheel.  They were all winners and received a toy.

Their homework is to discuss with a parent about what to do if they should become lost or separated from their family in a strange place. All we have left is How I Tell It and Let’s Go Outdoors.



  1. Way to go! We are almost there too. Does your troop do the Pinewood Derby? Ours is next weekend the boys are excited!

  2. Love it, love it, love it! You KNOW we are wishing we were in your den....ours is so disorganized! Looks like a fun night and the food pyramid was a great idea! We'll see what next year brings for us with this situation!



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