Thursday, January 28, 2010

The obsessed little boy

The Cisco Kid loves to collect coins. A few months ago we finished the State Quarters book. He loved working on that so much that I thought I would get him a coin collecting book for Christmas. He loves the hunt and the thrill of finding a matching coin. He loves this book so much that he has remembered certain coins that he needs and constantly searches for them. I love this book because of the education behind it. It teaches so much about the United States in fun ways. The great part is the Cisco Kid doesn't realize he is learning about not only coins but about the United States. </>
When he got his book he immediately wanted to fill it with coins. The Chief got his stash and dumped it out so the Cisco Kid could do some searching. Grandma and Cisco Kid sat there for hours looking and finding coins.
These are some of the pages in the book. It is a total of 14 pages.  Sorry for the white spot on some of the pages.  It's the flashes reflection. </>
The only Coin the Cisco Kid has on these two pages is the Wheat Ear. The great thing about this book is some pages have the actual picture of the coin needed. It really gives a great sense of interest for kids when they can see an actual picture of what they need. 
The Cisco Kid found the full Western Journey Nickel Series.  I cannot tell you how excited he was to find the full set. 

Here is a link to where you can get this book if you are interested.

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  1. That is a really cool book. I might have to check into it. Looks like TCK is as intense as Grant when it comes to finding the coins. Isn't it so cute? Thanks for sharing your book! :)



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