Monday, January 25, 2010

We are so excited, We're off to District

Who knew the Pinewood Derby would be so much fun. The Cisco Kid's Pinewood Derby Fire Truck Vehicle came in 2nd place. He won four out of six races with his highest speed of 179.3 mph. How the cars compete. All the Tiger Cub's race against each other until there are only the top three left. The top three winners compete against the next ranked scout. In this case the Tiger Cub competes against the Cub Scouts. The Cisco Kid won one of those races. That was not enough to qualify him to race against the next highest rank scout (Bears). In order for the boys to race against the next ranked scout, they have to win. The Cisco Kid is still very excited he made it to District. The top three winners in each rank go to District and compete against other Packs in our area.
After putting on all the extra wood to the truck we still come under the 5 oz mark.  We added one more ounce in weights.  
This is where they inspect the Truck to make sure it has the right tires and axel.
This is where they weigh all the vehicles. The Cisco Kid's truck weighed 4.6 oz. When we race in the Regional’s we can add more weights as long as it doesn't go over 5oz.
The truck has to fit inside this box.  They want to make sure it is not too big for the track.
Very cool track.
The Cisco Kid won the first race of the day.  179 mph.  The fastest car went 187.6 mph.

All the winners in each scout rank.
Nicolas's car 4 with the shark fin won 1st place. The Cisco Kid won 2nd place and Danny won 3rd place.
Congradulations Boys!!!!!


  1. What a great race! Congratulations!

  2. WOW!!! Congratulations to TCK!!! What a great experience! Those cars looked awesome and TCK's firetruck race car turned out GREAT!! Way to go! That track does look very cool and very fast! How very exciting that TCK gets to go to Regionals! Can't wait to hear about it too! Great post! :)

  3. Awesome! His truck is sooo cool. It is neat to see how creative everyone gets with their vehicles. Can't wait to hear how regionals go! Congrats!

  4. WAYYY COOOOOL THERE CISCO!!!! I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!!!
    with love, your cousin



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