Friday, March 12, 2010

Power flyer

I have so much fun introducing the boys to new and different ideas. Last evening at our weekly Cub Scout meeting we are working on our geology pin. We had a very interesting conversation about Volcanoes. I showed them pictures of all the different kinds of rocks that come from a volcano and then we talked about nine different parts of the volcano.
They were intrigued that there was something called the ring of fire and the Volcanoes are primarily located around it.
We closed the evening with this very simple craft they enjoyed so much. 
Cut a  piece of paper three inches by eight inches
Glue down the long side of the paper, then roll and make sure it stays closed.
Fold the tip down once.
Staple the ribbon to each side of the fold.
Make a triangle out of a 2 inch by one inch piece of paper and staple it to the folded tip.
Put the straw inside the tube and blow the flyer high into the sky. 

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  1. This looks very interesting and looks like the boys had so much fun! Love the last pic of them with their completed project! TCK sure is lucky to have you for a Mommy and a den leader! You work so hard to do so many nice things for him. Great post! :)



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