Monday, March 8, 2010

First Game of the Season and they had some great plays.

Last season the boys did not seem to care about winning or losing, just as long as they played. This season that is all they could talk about. The Coaches are great about not making the game about winning. The coaches still do not keep score. I guess the boys are all growing up and maturing.
They won their first Soccer game.
This is where they are congratulating each other for winning the game. 
A little father and son bonding. 



  1. You got some really great shots of the TCK and his game! Love the one at the end with The sweet! IT's funny, but Grant's baseball team was the same way in the past..they never really knew if they won or lost, didn't really ever even comment on it, and in this season's first game, all they wanted to know was, "What's the score, who's winning?" It may be an age thing!



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