Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is awakening!!!!

Spring starts with all the colorful Easter decorations and preparation for our families Easter traditions. Even though Easter is a little over four weeks away, there is so much to plan. We color about two dozen eggs for Easter and the Cisco Kid and I make a 3D bunny cake. I cannot forget about the Cisco Kids Easter basket that I have to put together. Then I have to plan for my Easter dinner. I follow my mother’s tradition and make very traditional Easter bread every year. Within these four remaining weeks, we have added a fun surprise and committed to a Disney Cruise vacation.  Cant wait for that!!!

Here are some of my Easter decorations. I made a couple of new decorations this year. Here are a few from last year.
I collect Easter bunnies. As you can see in all my arrangements I have an Easter Bunny.
 I like the feel of Easter to start at the front door.  My front door hanger I put together yesterday.   
 I just love this wire bowl that I have sitting on my Kitchen table all the time. I transform this center piece for every occasion.   
 I took all the flowers out and now I need to try to transform this into a color full spring, Easter arrangement.   
This took me a long time.  As you can see the previous picture is day light.  The completed picture its evening.  WOW!!!! Finally done.

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  1. Everything looks so pretty and so "Spring!" You have really done a great job getting your house to look festive, fresh, and new! I am envious...I will probably start decorating next week when the painting is done. Otherwise the decorations tend to just add to the mess! Love all of your bunnies!



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