Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring break Cub Scout Meeting

It's party time again!!! Now it's for the Cub Scout den. Since we are working on our Geology Pin I wanted the boys to see a documentary on volcano’s. I got a great DVD from the library. All the boys come to our house to see the movie and have a pizza party to celebrate spring break. It’s always fun going to someone else’s house to play. The boys were so excited to be here and the Cisco Kid was excited to have all his friends over to play.

When I finally got the rounded up from playing they had their pizza.  After they ate it was time for popcorn and a movie.  As you can, see they were glued to the TV.  
This part of the movie is where volcanos produce precious gems and gold. 
Who can guess how many jellybeans are in the jars. I had four jars filled with jellybeans and the Cisco Kid won the second guess. I asked him.... since he won a jar at school if he would consider giving his to the next qualifying number. He agreed and gave it away.
Now that everyone got their jellybeans it was time burn up some energy. 
They can't end the night without a cupcake!!!
Happy Spring break and Happy Easter. 



  1. Looks like a great time! You definatelly know how to throw a party.

  2. A huge success: playmates, pizza, sugar, outdoor fun, and a geology lesson all at one stop! What more could a little boy ask for?? Hats off to you, Den Mother Marianne!



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