Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring cleaning started in the yard this year.

My back yard really suffered this year with the cold and killed lots of my plants.  The plants that did die I had to cut back to a nub and only hope they will survive.  Cutting them back all the way will give them enough strength to survive.

The Cisco kid loves working in the yard.  He is so helpful and he has a good helper.

The Chief picked up lots of much needed mulch. 
The Cisco Kid wasted no time cleaning out the wooded area of leaves so the mulch could be laid down.
Now take note of his pants. These are last year’s sweatpants and sweatshirt.
In past years, I have cycled his clothes. School and sport clothes turn into next year’s play clothes. Now last year’s school clothes would not fit him at all. Luckily, these were stretch pants. This is the first year I have seen such a leap in his growth.  
He cracked me up!!!! His John Deere does not have a hitch on it so he figured out a way to hitch it to the back of his John Deere.... a bungee cord.
It Works!!!!
No manual labor for the Cisco Kid.  He knows how to make others work for him. 
The Cisco Kid is supervising the job not well done. Chief spilled some leaves off the side. 
Off to dump another load.
I picked up some flowers and got all my flowering beds and flower pots back in shape. 



  1. What a great little worker. And he HAS grown out of his pants!

    I can't wait to start digging in the dirt around here. A few more weeks....

  2. How creative hooking that up! I can't wait until my little "helpers" can actually help!
    You have me inspired to get myself out there working too!

  3. Oh my gosh!!! He is so cute and such a good worker. My little guy will definitely have fun looking at this post tomorrow. He has been disappointed in the past, too, that his J. Deere gator does not have a hitch. Problem solved - thanks to TCK. Your flowers and mulch all look great!

  4. I can't wait to do this myself. I have developed a love for gardening and flowers since the kids like spending so much time outside it works great.

    You have a beautiful yard and a great little helper!

  5. He is too cute!!!!! I love the imagination! This is such a great age.
    Your Easter decorations are beautiful!
    You really go out of your way to make everything perfect. And it shows, great job.
    We have to touch base soon, till then Happy Easter and give my little cousin a big Easter squeeze for me!
    Love to all,
    p.s. care to share that easter bread recipe?
    I also have one I will send to you! Thanks

  6. Everything looks great, and TCK looks like he's a hard worker when it comes to driving stuff around in vehicles....key word--VEHICLES!!! What a great kid! You all need to come to my house and clean up my yard! Any takers??? :)



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