Saturday, April 3, 2010

A day on Disneys Casaway Cay

You can cast me on Castaway Cay and leave me there.  This island is so peaceful.  It is designated for the Disney's Cruise Ship only. They have so much to do and eat you don't have to go back to the ship for anything.   
You can walk or take a tram to the beach.  We decided to walk so we could take advantage of all these cute photo ops.
This is the Cisco Kids favorite spot on the beach. Digging up Whale bones! This site has a whale skeleton that is approximately 6 feet tall and 50 feet long. They have very large teeth and extra bones buried in the sand so the kids could find. 
It started to get hot and the nice cool Bahaman water was so refreshing. Cristal clear waters, white sandy beach with the nice worm sun. Need I say any more?
This is a new play area with two slides and water cannons.  The tricky part is you can't walk to it.  You have to swim to it.  It is a short swim but never the less you do have to swim. 
A perfect Island to spend the day on.
Back on ship and more characters to take a picture with.  Pluto!
I will post more Characters and Disney adventures later in the day!!!



  1. Isn't that water BEAUTIFUL!!!??? WOW! Great shot with the ship and the whale bones! That water park is pretty cool! I don't think Grant could swim there though! Guess you don't have to swim at the park when there is such pretty water right there anyway! Great post!

  2. Awesome! What a great vacation. I think you know how much I love Disney! I can't wait to see more of your pictures.



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