Saturday, April 3, 2010

Back on the Disney Ship and away we go!!!

Our last day on the cruise.  The day was filled with getting the Cisco Kids pictures taken with some more characters. 
As we were walking around the ship we came across Snow White.  This was the only princes I could get the Cisco Kid to take a picture with.  He wanted nothing to do with any of the other princesses. 
This is evening Mickey in his tux.  
The Cisco Kid was not smiling for the camera so Mickey decided to tickle him.
It worked!!!  Great Smile!!
Evening Daisy in her glitter dress.  
Our waiter was so entertaining with all his magic tricks. He promised the Cisco Kid he would tell him how all his tricks worked on the last night.  
The waiter reveled he had a fake rubber thumb that fit over his thumb. He was able to fill it with the red cloth and the sugar to make it disappear and reappear.  
We are leaving the ship but I think we will be back.



  1. I am so behind on reading your blog I just spent an hour catching up!!! You are such a great mom and super creative! I am taking notes! It looks like you guys had a great cruise and it was perfect timing for me to read this because we are in the process of planning our first Disney Trip and this may be what we have to do instead of going to the park.

  2. The Cisco Kid looks adorable in all of these pictures and he lookds like he's having the time of his life!! Very cute!



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