Wednesday, May 12, 2010

2nd grade words

Now that it is coming close to the end of the school year and first grade for the Cisco Kid is just about over, I can start to gather all my information about second grade. I gather as much information as possible so during the summer I could get the Cisco Kid familiar with his new work load. The list below are the spelling words he will be tought. In first grade he only had to learn how to spell approximately 200 words plus another hundred sight words. Just these spelling words below are almost four hundred. I will post the second list of words tomorrow. What a difference between first and second grade. I here third grade is much worse.

we, be, eat, tree, clean ,keep, please, feel, mean, read, the, people, stream, steep, all, add, tall, braid, mail, great, pay, tray, trail, hay, train, they, snail, sail, rain, across, less, pill, egg, skill, mess, grass, will, well, hill, off, bell, play, nail, subway, both, whistle, whip, teeth, which, wash, teach, sheep, lunch, when, then, dish, chase, catch, than, who's, we'd, I'd, won't, hadn't, he'll, she'll, let's, doesn't, shouldn't, weren't, where's, that's, here's, mustn't, young, second, long, wrong, friendly, stupendous, puppy, baby, lucky, happy, very, lady, funny, silly, many, only, personality, extraordinary, around, towel , sour, frown, should, mouse, town, house, found, how, cow, could, clown, brown, ouch, balloon, choose, proofread, ooze, coordinate, microorganism, moonbeam, rooster, googol, loose, boat, cold, road, blow, gold, old, load, snow, hold, most, toe, do, goal, rainbow, soap, odorous, photogenic, loudly, angrily, weekly, slowly, bravely, safely, loyally, gratefully, really, interestingly, curiously, boxes, ants, frogs, buses, cities, stamps, shoes, glasses, blocks, lunches, bananas, babies, scratches, parties, watches, tomatoes, vacations, car, smart, arm, park, yard, part, barn, hard, party, farm, are, warm, department, carpet, card, barbeque, argumentative, feet, king, thank, hand, sing, send, think, bring, bang, end, thing, grand, address, squiggle, scatter, lesson, glitter, dollar, current, tattered, squabble, surround, windowsill, glossary, raccoon, buffet, cellar, happen, hollow, riddle, passenger, close, principal, principle, rein, stationary, stationery, presence, thyme, presents, fourth, clothes, dense, time, forth, reign, vain, vein, weather, dents, aim, strainer, straight, quaint, highway, praise, freight, eight, daisy, crayon, break, birthday, weigh, belong, blink, chunk, rung, shrunk, blend, sprinag, strong, prank,cling, clung, fling, kink, mink, plank, browse, wound, trout, tower, sprout, scour, mound, crowded, powder, ground, fountain, voucher, scowl, couch, drought, heavy, dirty, sorry, trophy, celery, gypsy, sporty, country, cemetery, category, chief, screech, checkers, sheriff, whether, whisper, whine, whimper, whiff, thought, thorax, smooth, shiver, peach, whinny, attention, village, valley, traffic, stiff, scribble, missile, paddle, middle, drizzle, dribble, cuddle, compass, cripple, cheese, flea, cheap, sneaker, squeak, beehive, beaver, between, sneeze, reason, least, field, piece, belief, arch, scar, charm, marble, carve, target, garden, farther, sharpen, apartment, cartwheel, quart, barge, quarter, archery, throw, pillow, poster, elbow, phone, oatmeal, wonder, coast, stone, rowboat, homeland, coed, rodeo, violin, chrome, quart,  owner, collar, lurch, solar, snarl, hamburger, grammar, favor, lunar, motor, mayor, author, director, curl, spur, slammed, spelling, dressing, chipped, forbidding, zigzagging, telling, recalling, tapping, flapping, chopping, digging, trout, heavy, whine, loudly

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