Monday, May 10, 2010

After the long cold winter we could finally????

This weekend was the first weekend it was warm enough to swim. Our pool area is screened in and I planted so many plants in there that we have some living creatures that like to take refuge in the rocks and plants. They are safe from their natural predators. We had the screen put around the pool because I am not a fan of flying bugs and creepy crawly things. Yes!!! I live in Florida and that is what Florida is about, but I do everything I could to stay away from them.

Saturday morning the Chief and the Cisco Kid got in the pool and as they were playing the Chief was taking baby frogs out of the pool. I don't know how these frogs live in this chlorine water!!! After all the little frogs were out he saw this great big reptile sitting on top of my rock like he owned the place. The Chief tried to catch it and it took refuge behind one of the rocks. a few minutes later it came back out and took its place back on the rock. This type of lizard was not afraid. It's called a Skink and they are aggressive. Now I like lizards only because they eat spiders and I hate spiders worse than lizards. In all the years I have lived here I have never seen a skink that was this big. It was a good 8 to 10 inches long. The Chief finally got rid of it and no more than five minutes later we saw another one. Now I was freaking out. How many of these big aggressive things are in my screen!!! I told the Chief if he can’t get these out, I am going to get a big bird and let it loose. The Chief got both of them and they were happily swimming.




  1. Ahhhh! The pool looks so refreshing...the skink, not so much! You know those skinks are poisonous to animals if eaten. They can kill a dog if a dog gets it in it's mouth, so I would definitely tell TCK this not a "lizard" to be caught and played with, although it sounds like the skink didn't want to let anyone catch it anyway. Just like lizards, the skinks tail can come off, and I believe the tail is still poisonous away from its body too. Be careful. YUCK! :)

  2. Your pool is awesome! I have to agree with Cherry about the skink. Wow! Hope you had a great mother's day!



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