Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All dressede up and going to a Halloween Party

I have another Halloween post after this one. This year it seem as though there has been more Halloween celebration than any prior year.

A friend of ours had a Halloween Party and she wanted everyone to get dressed up. I have not dressed up in many, years. It was fun going and seeing all the different costumes everyone came up with. The Cisco Kid went as a police officer. The Chief went as a Farmer. I wanted to match him so I went as a Scare Crow. It was an easy costume for the Chief. All he needed was a plaid shirt and suspenders. I have never bought a costume. I have always made my own. I think it stems from when I was a little girl and my mother would make all our costumes from scratch. This year I made my costume from an old denim dress. I cut the dress in half making a top and skirt. I then fringed and frayed all the edges. I hot glued patches all over it and stitched yarn around each patch. I had to make my costume look like I was stuffed with straw so I used raffia on my costume. I hot clued raffia to hair combs and put them in my hair. I hot glued raffia to the inside of my gloves. I also glued raffia to elastic and put it around my ankles.
The hostess greeted us at the door in her beautiful witch costume.  As we entered the house was decorated beautifully bewitching.
The Master of the house. Count Tony
With all this wonderful food, these two witches were putting everyone under a spell.
The Witch didn't forget anything.  She had plenty of wonderful cupcakes, earthworm brownies, hands filled with popcorn.
After all the goulash guests ate, the witch had us go outside and play some games. 
There was a pinata!
A Mummy Race!
The convicts snuck away from the mummy game and decided to t.p the play set.
All the little goblins thought it was the funniest thing. 
As we headed back inside, we danced the night away. 
The witch was switching identities with the cop. 
We all made it through the evening without getting stewed by the witch and bitten by the master of the house.
This was a great night Halloween party.  It was fun dressing up. 


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  1. That looks like it was a super fun party. This was the first year in quite a while that we didn't have any parties to go to. So no dressing up for us. I kind of missed it.



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