Monday, November 1, 2010

Another Halloween event

This year we have had three major Halloween parties to attend. The first one was with the Cub scouts, the second was in the Cisco Kids class and the third was our friends Halloween party. Then of course we had to do the whole trick or treating thing. I will post about them over the next two days.

Since I had the Cub Scouts Halloween party the night before The Cisco Kid had his Class Halloween Party, I thought it would be a good Idea to have some of the same game from the Minute to Win it show.

Again a huge success. Most of the class party we do have stations and the class is broken up into four or five groups. Depending on how many stations are put together. These games are so simple to get all the materials together without breaking the bank.

Here are some names and instruction links to the Minute to win it challenges. The only change I made to the games was the children were not timed but they competed against each other to see who can complete the challenge first.   Candelier , Face the Cookie, Breakfast Scramble, Magic carpet ride and Candy Elevator.  The Candy Elevator was a little hard for seven and eight year olds to do. 

Breakfast Scramble.
This was the only picture of the Cisco Kid playing Candy Elevator.  I have no Idea what he was saying to me.  But you can see the string around his ears to move the pencils up towards his chin. 
 I mentioned in my Cub Scout Post that this was one of the favorite games to play.  Well this class took Candelier to a whole new level.  They decided to see if they could stack the cans eight levels high instead of the recommended five.
There was so much sugar at this party.  Mr. M's daughter came dressed as a cookie monster and brought the class chocolate chip cookies.  Mr. M made sorghum cookies in memory of the class trip to the farm.  There were cupcakes, and Dirt cups.  


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  1. What a great idea to play those games. It looks like they had a great time.



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