Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Disney Parks

We spent so much time in the Innovations section of Epcot and enjoyed all they had to offer. This was the best part of the trip. The Cisco Kid loved all the different technical experiences. One innovation experience we thought was so much fun was building a computerized program.  Then we took the program and inserted it into a gigantic arm ride so it would do what we built. We sat in the arm and the program ran exactly the way we programmed it to. We chose jet flying. The Cisco Kid decided how many turns, loops and how fast the jet could go.
This was so cool.  We put ourselves in a video game.  I will post the game tomorrow.   
Disney so good about creating these spectacular topiaries. The Cars Characters were so perfect.   
The restaurant in the Country Canada was highly recommended as a place to eat.  We decided to go and try it out.  On our way there the gardens were amazing.  I wish I could make my back yard look like this.   
The guys just having fun. 
When we left the restaurant we decided to stop and have The Cisco Kid color a bear so he could go to the rest of the countries and get them to stamp it.   
Last day in the parks tomorrow.

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