Monday, June 20, 2011

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom was so packed and very hot. In magic kingdom you wait in line outside and most of it has very little air circulation. Now on the other hand, Epcot is a little bit more comfortable. Don’t get me wrong it was still hot, but definitely not as crowded. Epcot also has more attractions that have the lines inside that are air-conditioned.   
We always go to our favorites rides first. In Epcot, The Cisco Kids loves Test Track so when he saw this race track in Magic Kingdom he had to go on them. This is the first year he was able to ride it by himself. 
Buzz Lightyear is another favorite.  If you are into a challenge with shooting something down and gaining points for every shot, Buzz Lightyear is your kind of ride.  It certainly is The Cisco Kids kind of game.   
Our last stop was the Swiss family Robinson tree house. 
We decided to go and eat at the Shades of Green on the property. They have all you can eat buffet that includes salad and soup bar and a desert bar. They also have a small kids bar that includes mac'n' cheese, mini corn dogs and mixed veggies.  The prices are so reasonable. Our bill came out to $42.00 with tip. They had a extra special treat for the kids. They could make their own pizza. 
 After dinner we took the bus to where we could take the boat back to our hotel.  The view was so nice with the sun setting near our hotel. 
Well this was the end of our day and stay at Disney.  We were all so tired.  


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