Thursday, June 23, 2011

You have to love the world of technology.

Technology is a wonderful thing. When we were in Disney last week we discovered a new section of Epcot called Innovations. It is all technology oriented. We are staring in a video game that we made. Cute!!! Just hit the link and you can start playing the game.


  1. Okay, so thank you for checking your settings, but Tony says it is our browser not working well with the new Google or something like that!!??? At least it is working! SO, what's this about "having to love the world of technology??" No thank you! Although your video is very cute! Ha! I played the game with TCK, The Chief, and you, but unfortunately your family fell to an untimely death early on in the game. Hopefully some other blogger will be able to save them! Very cute! I bet that was fun to make.

  2. i played your video game. it was so cool. i won. i want to make a game when i go there.from grant.

  3. Nice video game. I think TCK was the best jumper of the 3 of you! Grant beat me by 1 ring! -- Tony

  4. i love the game! it is so much fun!!!! i electrocuted u guys!!! sorry! i beat my dad and tied grant! ainsley! :)



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