Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dreaming of Chocolate

For the past couple of weeks we wanted to get together with some friends, and finding something new and exciting to do is getting harder and harder. The Chief had a team building day at work and one of the events that were scheduled was a factory tour through Whetstones Chocolate. I thought that was a great idea. I have always heard about the factory tour but never been.
There is two parts to the tour. One part is in the store itself and the other part was in another building across the parking lot. That is where they have all the machinery. This was a great activity to see. Small and quaint, but that is like everything is St Augustine. The store area was set up so beautifully and I just wanted to buy one of everything. They had a new product and I just had to have it. It was calling my name. The product is called, Chocolate Amaretto Liqueur Sauce. I absolutely love it in my coffee. We have poured this wonderful sauce over strawberries and bananas. Sooooo delicious!
We were waiting for the tour to start and the boys were having fun in the hall.
The guys were in deep conversation.  
We just got done testing our second piece of chocolate and the boys were giddy.   
we are now in the factory. getting ready to test another piece of chocolate.   
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!  We look so funny with these hats. 
Now that is even funnier!!!!! Even though the Chief is bald he still had to wear one.  
Free flowing chocolate.  That is a great sight.   
The wrapping machine. We were able to eat the chocolate on the conveyer belt. 
OH MY!!! 
Lucile Ball made a citcom with Ethel in a chocolate factory. They had to wrap the chocolates as they passed on the conveyer belt. Everything turned when the conveyer belt sped up and they could not keep up.   

It was a great day with our friends.



  1. I so much enjoyed your Disney pics and checked back in tonight and saw this wonderful blog with our mutual friends. Looks like yummy fun. Can't believe how the boys have GROWN! And, the hats are too funny!

  2. This was such a fun day! Loved spending time with Family American Style and who could not like the chocolate factory tour??? Very informative, tasty, and interesting. Would love to go back again some time. The Lucy video and set were so funny. Not so sure about that hairnet fashion!!!



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